So what’s the catch?  As many of you are thinking.

Well, nothing that I can see, other than you need a smartphone.

The company is called Shakepay. They are Canadian and market themselves as “buy and sell Bitcoin in 10 minutes”. They have banking agreement with a tier 1 bank in Canada. They use email money transfer for transferring Canadian funds to funds from your bank account.

  2 Promotions for Shakepay

1)  Sign up with a Referral code/link and then start shaking your phone once a day to receive satoshis (faction of a bitcoin). No Referral code, no shakingsats rewards as they are called.  No requirement to buy any Bitcoin.

Collect and then sell on the ShakePay app, or hold on for Bitcoin appreciation.

Who knows where Bitcoin will go but it could be worth a lot of money down the road.

2) Optional, but FREE is FREE. Buy $100 Canadian worth of Bitcoin and you will get $10 back into your Cash account. Nice 10% bonus. You have to use the Referral code when you sign up to get this.

Referral Code Link for signup

It will ask you this when you sign up. Without a referral you will not get shakingsats rewards.

Information on shakingsats rewards

Every day after 31 streak it continues to pay out at the Day 31 rate.

Current Bitcoin price in Canadian Dollars

This whole process to get set up is very easy.  

Whats a few minutes of your time to start receiving FREE Bitcoin cryptocurrency!

All information expressed here is my opinon only and I am not responsible for the accuracy or authenticity. You should contact Shakepay if you have any concerns.